Teven Park Receives TLC From Tuckombil Landcare

Veterans memorial

Tuckombil Land Care’s (TLC) major project has been the improvement and extension of Teven Park. The park is situated on Eltham Road Teven on the eastern side of Teven Valley Golf Course and is dedicated to veterans from the Korea, S.E. Asia and Vietnam wars. The veterans commenced working on the area to create a park in 1990 with a memorial plaque being laid in 1993.

The idea of working on Teven Park as a community project was first suggested by TLC member Wendy Webber. Another TLC member, Peter Cassidy was one of the early drivers of this idea and contact was made with the veterans to whom the park was dedicated to combine our forces.  Ballina Shire Council was also approached to obtain approval for the ongoing work which would need to be undertaken. Field Days and School Education days have been held informing our local community of what is happening in the park and to demonstrate the bush regeneration techniques used there. 

Since 2011 the Teven Park project has become a major focal point for our members. Many large camphor laurel trees (the major woody weed of the Northern Rivers) have been removed and these have been replaced by native rain forest species. Over the years a large number of TLC members have given many hours of their time to turn Teven Park into a picturesque and diverse example of local flora. Slowly and steadily the area is being transformed with rainforest species that are native to this area.

The transformation of the park has been an ongoing task and shows just what can be achieved when a group of dedicated people work together. During this time we have planted hundreds of trees and plants. We have battled floods which flattened many trees and completely uprooted others. There have been dry periods when extensive and protracted periods of watering of new plantings was necessary for their survival. Weed management is also a constant call on TLC members’ time.

 A more recent problem has been the theft of many of the plants and trees that the group has planted. It is a continual source of consternation to all TLC members that the altruistic work that we do is wantonly sabotaged by selfish individuals, apparently devoid of any community spirit. However, we will keep planting even if they continue stealing. All TLC members are dedicated to the proposition of creating a space of beauty in Teven Park for everyone to enjoy.